A group of young US tourists’ vacation in Africa turns into the ultimate nightmare when they arrive at an abandoned lodge isolated in a remote African rural area that holds an ominous and deadly secret.


Thriller/Horror – Slasher


Hell Trip was shot on location in one of South Africa’s most exotic and beautiful locations, Tzaneen and Belfast. Nestled deep in the heart of Africa, Tzaneen is Limpopo’s paradise and it has been nicknamed ‘Land of Silver Mist’ because of the frequent mist that occur on the mountains above it. It is located in lush, tropical surroundings and it is home to Limpopo’s tallest mountain, the Iron Crown Mountain. The Iron Crown mountain, measuring more than 2200 m above sea level, is on top of the Limpopo Province and is a prominent landmark. Hell Trip was also shot in Belfast, these lush woodlands make for the perfect isolated locations which horror & thriller fans have come to expect from this genre.


Hell Trip is directed by international film director, Patrick Garcia and is the brain child of writers and producers Patrick Garcia and George Garcia, who have a combined experience of nearly 36 years in the Film and Entertainment industry.